Stitching Information

There are 3 types of stitching provided on Website

  • Standard Stitching
  • Customize Stitching
  • Unstitched

Standard Stitching

  • In standard stitching our designer will tailor your dress according to standard size based on given four measurements by you on website.
  • It will not be exact as per your body structure.
  • This type of stitching is good for reseller who wants to sell readymade products.
  • Charges/price of standard stitching is less as compare to customize stitching.
  • Also we have attached a standard stitching chart on website where you can find out the measurement applied for standard stitching

Customize Stitching

  • If you need an exact measurement as per your body structure then you must select custom stitching.
  • In custom stitching you will be asked all the measurements as per your body structure.
  • Charges for custom stitching will be more as compare to standard stitching.
  • This type of stitching is good if you want to buy products for personal use.


  • It will be the default selection on website.
  • Under this type, the product will be exact as mentioned in title/description.
  • No charges are applied for this type, as we don’t need of tailoring your products.

If you need to have stitched products you need to select the desired type of stitching in every product. You have to apply the same in every product that you want to order.

Most orders are delivered within 10-12 days from the date of invoice to foreign destinations. However, there may be delay of 4-5 working days if you have selected stitching option. For urgent requirement please inform our executive at or whatsapp on +91-9737746888.

Note: we request you to select and give exact measurement asked on website, as we don’t accept return for stitched products.

For any help regarding stitching, please contact our executive at or whatsapp on +91-9737746888.


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